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ZNEN Motors Bangladesh officially started in March 2014. I have been out of the country for business since 2005 and have been riding a scooter ever since. Ever since then I have felt a strong passion and love for scooters. I started the scooter business in Bangladesh out of my passion for scooters, not for profit. When I started the scooter business, scooters were not in vogue in this country at all. In the first year many people would come to see the scooters enthusiastically, everyone liked our models but did not dare to buy them. Most people thought of scooters as a vehicle for women. Everyone used to tell me that by starting a scooter business, I have embarked on an adventurous endeavor. I have seen many scooter companies come and go in the course of a long 8-year scooter business. Stay away from the income for the first four years of the business, every month I have brought the money from my other business and invested in this sector, but I have been doing business with a complete loss. I have tried my best to spread many more scooters including participation in Dhaka International Trade Fair. Various obstacles have become so big that many times I felt like leaving this business. But my love for scooters did not allow me to move beyond my position. There came a time when scooters were just starting to become popular in this country, then there was a terrible epidemic like Corona, and my other business was also affected. Although I was forced to quit my lucrative business, I did not give up the scooter and insha’Allah I will continue to work in this sector as long as I live.

Mujaddide Al Fasani


ZNEN scooters are widely used as a mode of transportation. The reasons behind this are the lower maintenance cost and easy to use. These scooters are very popular in the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, North America even Asia. ZNEN has American EPA and DOT certifications assuring standards and quality. European and American 70% motorcycle company purchasing ZNEN motorcycle and re-branding under their own brand. ZNEN Bangladesh imports its scooters from the Chinese most top brand scooter producer  ZNEN and TARO.

Many people have the misconception that all Chinese products are bad. But from the very beginning, we wanted to introduce the best quality scooters of China in this country which have been prepared for Europe. To export scooters to Europe and America, one has to go through difficult tests and send the samples to that country to check everything, if there is any change then it is done with a certificate and then the import license is given. Our scooter has all these certificates. There are many scooter companies in Bangladesh now, their scooters are available everywhere but parts are not available, the number of available ones is much higher. We are now self-sufficient in parts. We stock every part and the parts are cheaper than others.

Our scooters use GY6 and GY7 engines which are easy to modify and upgrade parts are available everywhere. So you can easily upgrade your scooter at a low cost. No other scooter company can easily provide good throttle response and top speed like our engine at this price. So there is no substitute for the ZNEN scooter in all respects. Excellent look and good build quality and good engine at a very low price which means you have no better option than this scooter.

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250 Tejkunipara, Bijoy Sharani, Tejgaon, Tejgaon-Bijoy Sharoni Link Road, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh


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